• Mr. Nowak

Thursday May 7th

Good morning and happy Thursday! I have created another little survey that I would like everyone to fill out. It is only 3 questions and should not take you more than a few minutes but it will answer a few of important questions about how things have been going for everyone.

For the survey click HERE!

For students working on a Self-Directed Learning Plan (SDLP), please remember that part of the expectation is for regular communication, so don't forget to check in with me regularly with updates. I have also created a Progress Report Form that I have put in the Assignments page with the other SDLP information.

Lastly, all of the assignments and information on those assignments are posted on the Assignments page so if you've lost the emails or not sure what day I posted information on, the information will be on the Assignments page. You can also email me if you are not sure or have ANY questions.

Hope the last of the Home Improvement Assignments is going well and on Tuesday we will start focusing on something new, so please check back Tuesday morning.

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