Course Outlines

Transportation Level 1

Transportation Level 2 

Transportation Level 3/4

Rules and Expectations


Glider handout- This outline is to be completed and handed in with your glider after Flight Day

Flight Log- Use the flight log to keep track of your Glider 

Aviation Firsts Scavenger Hunt- Click on the link to take you to the website to learn and find all of the information for the handout.

Shop Tool ID- Using the Internet, go through and try and identify the various tools found in the shop 


Anatomy of a Bike quiz- Take this quiz and see if you can beat THIS time!

Wheel Hub- How to service cone and bearing style hubs. 

         Youtube vid on servicing a hub

Small Engines

We will be working on Briggs and Stratton 600000 series side drive, 4 stroke engines 

Operating Manual 

Parts List

Torque Spec list


Online resources ProDemand



Fluids worksheet



General Inspection  

Under the Hood  

Under the Vehicle

Oil Change

Tire Change- Learn how to take a tire off of a rim and how to put it back on.  Watch this video

Tire Balance- Learn how to balance your tire.  Watch this video