• Mr. Nowak

Tuesday, April 14

Updated: Apr 14

Hello and welcome back! So for today, I would like everyone to fill out the survey below. That's it! All of your answers will help me to plan moving forward. Some of the questions may take some time and may involve you having to look around and possibly ask your parent or guardian. Please have the survey completed by the end of Wednesday! I'm also waiting for you all to reply to the email I sent Friday morning (If you haven't done so already) so please reply back!

Click on your class:
Block A Woodwork
Block D Woodwork

Check back Thursday morning (after 8:30) for an activity! Lastly, it is my goal to reach out to everyone individually but the end of the week (however, I/we still do not have everyone's info) and if there are any questions please send me an email. Thanks!

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