CLE | Career Life Education

CLE is a great course for students to explore, learn and plan and prepare for their last couple years of high school as well as moving forward to life after high school.

There are 3 main areas that are covered, however, Health now falls with Physical Education:

Graduation Program | Education and Careers | Health | Finances

Course Outline

Start with a plan- Create a transition plan.

The Plan Assignment- Create a transition plan.

About Me- This is the first major assignment where students get a chance to present who they are whether in the form of a Prezi, a poster, a Power Point, a Flash Animation, video, website, etc.

Education and Careers

Career Cruising Assignment- Let's see what's out there! 

Magazine Article AssignmentCreate a Magazine Article about "Future Careers for Today's Youth" 

My Networking Assignment- It's important to be aware of who you know and what kind of support network you have.

Employability Skills 2000- What are some of the traits employers are looking for from you!

Employability Skills Assignment- What are your set of skills that will help you in your pursuit of a career.

Post Secondary Research Assignment- Spend a bit of time and research some different Institutions for Programs in an area or your interest.

Resume Assignment- A good resume is essential for everyone when trying to find a job. Create one for yourself or update and modify one you currently have so you can use now and into the future. Just remember to keep updating it as you gain experience and if any other information changes. To go along with this assignment, here are a few tips.

Letter writing Assignment- Along with applying for a job, writing a letter is a great way to give your perspective employer some more information about yourself and can show that you are keen and interested.  When applying for a job, always look at what the application requirements are.  Some jobs or even Post Secondary applications will ask for a cover letter. 

Interview AssignmentWhat are employers going to ask you in an interview and how do you answer?

Working in BC AssignmentNow you have a job, but what are you in for and what are your rights? Have a read through the Employment Standards Act and and answer the questions to this assignment.

Hazards AssignmentAs a young worker in BC, you are waaaaay more susceptible to getting hurt or injured on the job. Have a read through the Hazard Recognition Information and take a look at the Hazard Scenarios and answer the questions on the next assignment. The last questions have to do with the Lost Youth video we watched last month.

Health | Now part of Physical Education

Drugs Assignment- With this assignment there are two resources I want us to work off of. First there is the Drug Matrix that lays out some details of certain drugs. Next is the Warning Signs of Drug Use that is basically a checklist of signs to look out for. Use those two resources as well as the Internet to complete the Drugs assignment. Please save it as yournamesubstance.pdf and email it to me.

Driving and Road Safety Assignment- Most of you guys cannot wait to get your drivers license but as a new driver there are lots of things you need to learn and know and experience. Go over the Young Drivers Information to help you answer the questions on the assignment. There is also a section on Drinking and Driving so have a look through this information as well. Please save it as yournamedrive.pdf and email it to me.

Healthy Living Plan (part 1) |  Project (part 2)- Person health is very important and covers alot of different areas from diet, to physical activity to mental and physical health. For these assignments you will be working on both of them at the same time. You will need to be following along with these assignments during the week. Please refer to the Canada food guide as well as some of the other information that are at the Health Canada Website. When are finished please save it as yournamedietplan.doc and email it to me and also hand in your Personal Health Assignment.

Sexual Health Assignment- In this assignment there are 3 parts (Sex fu no longer works =-(  ) The first section is to look at how you view relationships. The second part will look at different types of STI's. And the third section will look at different forms of protection. 

 Decision Making Assignment-  With After finishing the sexual health assignment, go through and think about and answer the questions to see what decisions you would make.

Financial Planning

 Financial Plan Assignment-  Part of being an adult is having to be responsible for your own finances.  Some of you may already have jobs, some of you may get an allowance, others are fortunate (or unfortunate) to have the bank of mom and dad to help you out. In this assignment, you are going to learn and try and figure out your finances to help create a budget. Even if your parents cover your costs, it's important to see and get an understanding and appreciation on how much LIFE costs. For this assignment, please budget your first year after high school.

Financial Plan Questions-  After you have created your financial plan for your first year after high school, please answer the questions. 

Credit Card Assignment-  Everyone will have a credit card or 2 or more in their lives for a variety of reasons.  When you are younger, the main reason to get a card is to build 'credit', which is important if you want to take a loan out for a car or to get a mortgage. The problem is lots of people can get sucked into a trap and start going into debt.

Graduation Portfolio: - Remember that for your Graduation Portfolio you MUST have completed:

  • The Plan Assignment

  • Post Secondary Research Assignment

  • Healthy Living Assignment

  • Financial Plan